JackalCreative | Europeon Social Fund project work
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Europeon Social Fund project work

Graphic Design
Exhibition Design, Graphic Design, Print Design
About This Project

The project involved coming up with exhibition stand designs as well as collateral and literature to go with it. I was tasked with designing this alongside my colleague and the rest of the team who came up with the collateral and we were also involved with the production side of it making sure that all of the printing came out ok. Working to seeing why Kate Prince standards and 300 DPI some of the work required being printed at 200 DPI in order to make sure that it was legible from a distance and could still print out and not be too large file size when printing on the large print presses.

This artwork was shown in London at the Olympia and it was recognised and viewed and was well received and I enjoyed working on a lot. Such a large scale project that was seen by so many people. It helped the European social fund which I feel pleased that I was able to contribute towards being such a excellent project to be involved with.